Dispensary Reviews Explained - Part 1.

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 While the AGCO (Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario) is an effective tool for seeing if a store is being compliant with regulations and acts set at all levels of government, they are not looking at the true quality and class of a location this gives an opening for me to come in and lead the way on this. 

 I've decided to look into the quality and class of the stores and licensed producers to allow consumers to make an informed choice on where they really should be purchasing products from. It took quite a lot of thinking, planning, Cannabis, and meditation to reach a point of creativity to come up with The Pineapple Test. This test was developed to curate the level at which a store is operating in the areas varying from customer service, education, and experience of the location along with many other areas. The scoring is based out of a maximum of 105 points. The lowest score being that of 25. Updated version of test for LP reviews coming mid/late 2021 after I have completed studying all regulations and acts involved in running an expansive LP.

 If you are wondering why I decided to call the test, The Pineapple Test, it is because a pineapple is considered as a sign of friendliness and can often be found in and around the Cannabis industry. Also, when CSS styling was introduced to the subreddit r/marijuana, people realized that when upvoting a new submission (in under an hour), the orange ball which appeared, in conjunction with the cannabis leaf on top of it, closely resembled a pineapple. Also the movie Pineapple Express is a great comedy.

Scoring charts will be released in late 2021.

These are the scores required for plaques based on results of the test:

Gold: 95-105

Silver: 75-94

Bronze: 50-74

 I hope to craft these myself with some help of local businesses in partnership to create something worth receiving.

 The award itself is actually also resembling of a pineapple with a Cannabis leaf on it. A couple different designs are in progress for the different tiers listed above.

 ( 2x Computer Generated Render and 1x Sketched version)


 This is the list of every store that I have visited in the past (from inside highlighted zone on the map below). Between the ones that have been scored, and the ones that have not been. No scores have been posted yet. All locations currently listed below will be posted in the first couple of months of 2021.

Scored 2020:

  • Tokyo Smoke, Cambridge
  • Friendly Stranger, Cambridge
  • Sessions Cannabis, Cambridge
  • Bud and Sally’s, Waterloo
  • Sweet Seven Cannabis, Waterloo
  • Meta Cannabis, Kitchener
  • Elevate Cannabis, Kitchener
  • Spiritleaf, South Guelph
  • Seven Point, Brantford

Scored 2021:


  • Relm Cannabis Co, Burlington
  • Canna Cabana, Hamilton
  • Hello Cannabis/Cabbage Bros, Dundas
  • Cannabis Cupboard, Cambridge
  • Sessions Cannabis, Kitchener
  • Sativa Bliss, Kitchener

I might just have a shit load of work on my plate...

  • Loads more to come. Local Mapping for reference.

 Red highlighted area is main focus to get started. All of Canada Summer 2021? Hmmm.. 



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